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Come picnic with the kindest, most interesting people in New York City at Giving What We Can’s first meetup in 2 years! 🎉

Meet us in Battery Park for some great conversation, some great nibbles, and a lovely summer evening.

Importantly—This picnic is open to everyone who is interested in giving most effectively to help others, and we’d love you to bring a friend or two who would enjoy meeting like-minded New Yorkers.

Special guests & hosts:

  • GWWC’s Head of Marketing, Grace Adams (Melbourne)
  • GWWC’s Director of Design, Alex Savard (Brooklyn)

Please register (for free) so we know who is attending and so we can contact you for updates in case of poor weather. 

Date: Tuesday August 1st from 6pm-9pm

Location: Battery Park, Manhattan

Giving What We Can is committed to providing a warm and inclusive environment for everyone. If you have any questions or ways we can help make this event better for you, please email us at 




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How fun!!! Now I'm even more jealous I'm not in NYC to hang out!

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