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It's Giving season on the EA Forum. We're hosting a Donation Election, weekly themes, and more throughout November and December 2023.
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Donation election 2023
Contribute to the Donation Election Fund to encourage more discussion about donation choice and effective giving. The fund will be designated for the top 3 winners in the Donation Election. Learn more.
The fund will be designated for the top 3 candidates, based on Forum users' votes.
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Discuss where we should donate and what we should vote for in the Election.
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Voting is open until Dec 15. Select candidates and distribute your votes using a ranked-choice method.
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Candidates in the Election
The Donation Election Fund will be designated for the top three winning candidates in the election (split proportionately, based on users' votes). Voting will open on 1 December, 2023.
  • Pre-vote to show which candidates you're likely to vote for. Pre-votes are anonymous, don't turn into real votes, and you can change them at any time.
  • Add candidates if you think they should be in the Election. Any project here can be a candidate.
Only users who had an account as of 22 October 2023 can pre-vote or vote in the election.
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This December is the last month unlimited Manifold Markets currency redemptions for donations are assured: Highly recommend redeeming donations this month since there are orders of magnitude more currency outstanding than can be donated in future months
There is still plenty of time to vote in the Donation Election. The group donation pot currently stands at around $30,000. You can nudge that towards the projects you think are most worthwhile (plus, the voting system is fun and might teach you something about your preferences).  Also- you should donate to the Donation Election fund if:  a) You want to encourage thinking about effective donations on the Forum. b) You want to commit to donating in line with the Forum's preferences.  c) You'd like me to draw you one of these bad animals (or earn one of our other rewards):  NB: I can also draw these animals holding objects of your choice. Or wearing clothes. Anything is possible. 
The Effective Ventures Foundation UK’s Full Accounts for Fiscal Year 2022 has been released via the UK companies house filings (August 30 2023 entry - it won't let me direct link the PDF).  * Important to note that as of June 2022 “EV UK is no longer the sole member of EV US and now operate as separate organizations but coordinate per an affiliation agreement (p11).”  * It’s noted that Open Philanthropy was, for the 2021/2022 fiscal year, the primary funder for the organization (p8).  * EVF (UK&US) had consolidated income of just over £138 million (as of June 2022). That’s a ~£95 million increase from 2021. * Consolidated expenses for 2022 were ~ £79 million - an increase of £56 million from 2021 (still p8).  * By end of fiscal year consolidated net funds were just over £87 million of which £45.7 million were unrestricted.  * (p10) outlines EVF’s approach to risk management and mentions FTX collapse. * A lot of boiler plate in this document so you may want to skip ahead to page 26 for more specific breakdowns * EVF made grants totaling ~£50 million (to institutions and 826 individuals) an almost £42 million increase in one year (p27) * A list of grant breakdowns (p28) ; a lot of recognizable organizations listed from AMF to BERI and ACE  * also a handful of orgs I do not recognize or vague groupings like “other EA organizations” for almost £3 million * Expenses details (p30) main programs are (1) Core Activities (2) 80,000 Hours (3) Forethought and (4) Grant-making  * Expenses totaled £79 million for 2022 (a £65 million increase from 2021) which seems like a huge jump for just one year * further expense details are on (p31-33) and tentatively show a £23.3 million jump between 2021 and 2022 [but the table line items are NOT the same across 2021/2022 so it’s hard to tell - if anyone can break this down better please do in the comments] * We may now have a more accurate number of £1.6 million spent on marketing for What We Owe The Future (which isn’t the $10 million I’ve heard floating around, but still seems like a lot for one book) (p31) * staffing details mentioned (p35) * cryptocurrencies on (p37) * real estate (p39) <£15 million went to Wytham Abbey and <£1.5 million went to Lakeside (another relatively new EA property) * More details on Specific Organizations under EVFs purview begin (p43) specifically beginning fiscal year balances, income, expenses and end of fiscal year balance * The only thing that stood out to me on this page - Forethought overspent by ~£2 million?? was it the marketing?  * (p46) FHI/GPI also overspent (on office costs) but Forethought doesn’t list their reasons only that they got a grant to cover it (from whom, Open Phil or a private donor?)  * Restricted funds analysis on p47 * p53 (last one!) notes DGB has earned <£100 on royalties for 2021/2022 and the Precipice has earned £37,293 for both years * p53 mentions EVF UK received donations of < £1.5 million from the FTX Foundation AND that the CEO of FTX was on the Board * p53 mentions the charity commission investigation, name change from CEA and separation of EVF UK from EVF US * A reminder that both EVF UK and US annual reports can be found on their website  EVF US has also released their 2022 990 tax form * Note the fiscal year 2021-2022 (June) preceded the FTX collapse and leadership changes.  If I messed up any of these numbers please let me know and I'll update. Thanks!  
I was finding it hard to keep track of all the different organizations posting about their marginal funding plans recently, so i made a simple spreadsheet: Feel free to add any other EA orgs or fix errors or re-arrange everything or whatever.
I feel a bit confused about how much I should be donating. 1. On the one hand there’s just a straight forward case that donating could help many sentient beings to a greater degree than it helps me. On the other hand, donating 10% for me feels like it’s coming from a place of fitting in with the EA consensus, gaining a certain kind of status and feeling good rather than believing it’s the best thing for me to do. 2. I’m also confused about whether I’m already donating a substantial fraction of my income. * I’m pretty confident that I’m taking at least a 10% pay-cut in my current role. If nothing else my salary right now is not adjusted for inflation which was ~8% last year so it feels like I’m at least underpaid by that amount (though it’s possible they were overpaying me before). Many of my friends earn more than twice as much as I do and I think if I negotiated hard for a 100% salary increase the board would likely comply. * So how much of my lost salary should I consider to be a donation? I think numbers between 0% and 100% are plausible. -50% also isn’t insane to me as my salary does funge with other peoples donations to charities. * One solution is that I should just negotiate for my salary from a non-altruistic perspective, and then decide how much I want to donate back to my organisation after that. This seems a bit inefficient though and I think we should be able to do better. 3. One reason I don’t donate ~50% of my salary is that I genuinely believe it’s more cost-effective for me to build runway than donate right now. I quite like the idea of discussing this with someone who strongly disagrees with me and I admire and see if they come round to my position. It feels a bit too easy to find reasons not to give, and I’m very aware of my own selfishness in many parts of my life.
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