ea.org currently points to an unrelated thing – "EA Family Services: Since 1981"

Should CEA, or some other EA-affiliated funder, buy the domain?

Possibly would be cheap & could be a good asset.




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Two-letter domain names, even for some extensions more obscure than .org, are typically very expensive. For examples of pricey two-letter .orgs, see ct.org and eb.org from this list; they sold for $22k and $28k, respectively.

(Also, if someone has held onto a two-letter domain name for many years, there's a good chance they've been approached by domain traders — who are numerous and proactive — and refused to sell even for a competitive price.)

This all sounds correct to me. Just to add: the organization had a revenue of $31 million in 2017, so they're not going to sell their domain for cheap.


We got this one, which was quite cheap:


I think generally no. Given the quality of search engines today I think having a short domain name doesn't provide much (I'm not sure that it ever did, given my own experience with them, although maybe I'm unusual and I could be swayed I'm sure by experimental results).