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I would not recommend dyeing your hair at home. And if you want to dye your hair, this is generally a good idea, regardless of why this idea came to your head. But I recommend doing it in a beauty salon as experienced hairdressers will always be able to do something cool. When a person is trained in advanced aesthetics, he knows how to do something more than just dye the client's hair. It is important to do the right hair care during hair coloring and ensure that the paint is distributed equally.

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Well, this is one of the modern society, pretty often people don't care that they eat, even good food keeps being ignored, people prefer going to MC Donalds and eat meat from them, not to cook a good piece of meat by themselves. Fast food is killing people, and it's too bad that many folks don't understand that. I know the guy from the gym who is going hard on workouts but don't have any progress for 6 months because he is eating fast food; he says he doesn't have enough time to cook it and tries to improve the process with some fitness supplements like RAD 140.