4. Our final century?

Humanity appears to face existential risks: a chance that we'll destroy our long-term potential. We’ll examine why existential risks might be a moral priority, and explore why they are so neglected by society. We’ll also look into one of the major risks that we might face: a human-made pandemic, worse than COVID-19. 

Alongside this, we'll introduce you to the concept of “expected value” and explore whether you could lose all of your impact by missing one crucial consideration.

· · 1m read
Existential risks

Reach Chapter 2 of The Precipice (35 mins.)

From "The case for reducing existential risks," read up to “What’s the total risk of human extinction if we add everything together?” (10 mins.)

· · 42m read
Strategies for improving biosecurity
Expected value & Hits-based giving
Crucial considerations
· · 1m read
Exercise (10 mins.)
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