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Hi Luke, 

Thanks for this, I will get in touch directly to meet. We've have quite a lot of useful discussions and cross-pollination with Hi-Med. They do actually have effective giving as a core part of their recommendations/discussion but also focus on careers and other aspects of doing good.

Thanks for all the considered comments. Some of these are definitely questions that we wrestled with and we are open to adapt and change if we feel that's right.

This is out core promotional video so please have a look and circulate 

  • 1% vs. 5% vs. 10%: 
    • This is a very challenging but important question and everyone is likely to respond differently to this depending on their specific perspective. For hardcore EA people (probably anyone reading this post) it may seem very low. - N.B. The Pledge is at least 1% and in the promotional content we highlight the additive benefits of donating more. 
    • We also will aim to reconsult our member base to invite them to review their Pledge and increase it over the years
    • 10% I have found anecdotally to be a real turn-off for people. In the UK right now there are ongoing strikes regarding doctor's pay which I think have a good basis, but people do not "feel" like they have surplus.
    • 5% is a feasible alternative, but we wanted to reach out to this most unfamiliar with EA, for whom I think even 5% seems a lot in current culture.
    • The risk of people fulfilling their moral obligation with a lower amount is a real issue to consider, but hard to balance against other pros of a lower buy-in/threshold to click/read on
  • Outcomes of the Pledge
    • We hope that for many this kind of EA-lite Pledge will be a gateway for people to encounter EA ideas and learn more about the philosophy, which is a gain that's hard to quantify
  • Healthcare Workers only
    • This is not an attempt to make it "exclusive", but this may be perceived this way by some.
    • So far, having a healthcare community focus has made it much easier to reach out to various medical associations and training programmes to spread the message.
    • Nestling the Pledge within a professional body/community has precedent with other giving Pledges (https://reg-charity.org/  https://www.highimpactathletes.org/ ) and we think this has value

We are quite a new organisation, primarily having outreach in the UK so far and hoping to expand over the next few years. We are making links in the US and Australia too. Our primary limitation is that we 3 co-founders are all working doctors ourselves doing this entirely in our spare time. 

Really appreciate all of your input and we'd be delighted to hear from anyone by email info@give-health.org or alastair.yeoh@give-health.org if you'd like to be involved.

Dr Alastair Yeoh
Co-founder GiveHealth