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Historically, approximately every 3 weeks we've apprised applicants of what the shape of the conversation is on their proposal among the angels. The applicant can then provide additional details if they think it will inform the internal conversation.

If the conversation seems to have stopped, then we inform the applicant of the low likelihood of their receiving a grant, although we haven't enforced a strict turnaround time in the past since each angel donor could have a different cadence for donating e.g. "At the end of each quarter, I give out 25% of my annual donations to the most promising project(s)."

Altruism.vc is the umbrella name we chose for our efforts on early-stage project grant making in general.

The EA Angel Group is our first endeavor, supporting individuals making large donations to early-stage EA projects.


Considering that individuals will be using their own money to fund projects in the angel group, if for some reason our angels overwhelmingly request to have their grants private, we may decide not to publish. However, I predict the opposite case will occur, wherein angels take pride in the grants they've made, the projects they've funded.

Thanks Sanjay!

We are still working on the grant application form. I will add an option to the form that allows us to pass it on to EA Grants, BERI, etc. if our angels are unable to fund it.

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