Daniel Abiliba

Organizer @ EA KNUST
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I have a strong interest in global development and is currently up-skilling in global economics/business admin. I spend my spare time doing EA community building and animal advocacy. I currently organise EA KNUST and lead a volunteer-run org called Animal Welfare League. I love art and watching art documentaries.

How others can help me

University group organization tools, EA fellowship, Biosecurity research and Events organization.

How I can help others

Animal advocacy in Africa, Biosecurity research in Africa, Event planning and EA events in Africa


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Really excited about the work you have done since coming into the space. Looking forward to seeing the ripple effects of your TP program.

An interesting read. Thank you for highlighting this perspective, Wanjiru!

Yes, exactly, I think the authors are making the same point and that some of these non-EU countries tend to be African countries.

Well pointed out. The issue of second-hand battery cage in Africa is just ticking bomb waiting to blow up with devastating welfare consequences.

Hi Constance, I think is only Animal Welfare League in Ghana currently doing this in Africa. More details about the work in Jacob’s reply above 👆🏾

Hi Ben, I will be open to talking to CE's researcher on this. Appreciate the introductions.

I think this is clearly an interesting project and I’ll be watching your next steps.

My query has to do with environmental and cultural challenges the operationalization of this project might face. To be specific, certain water bodies have cultural importance to community members and some are sacred in most countries across Africa, hence considered “untouchable” or not to be tempted with. This problem may it be, would be aggravated by the low formal education level that might challenge “the destruction of their sacred waters”.

I want to inquire if your team have considered this and the possible way outs.

I am intrigued about the elimination of malaria probably due to my first hand experience of the disease, so kindly let me how I can help especially with the African pilots.