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That's right, I imagine that for those with a technical background, reading legislation may not be intuitive. However, one can consider looking for simplified explanations or supplementary materials. These can provide a foundation for understanding the key principles, which are enough to understand their underlying assumptions and, consequently, allow for their evaluation.

What is your greatest achievement? 

Many job offers, competitions and other application processes require you to state your greatest achievement. 

I'm always having a problem with this one due to not being goal-oriented. Besides, I do not see any of my results as achievements. 

What are some examples of achievements (or even categories of achievements) for an undergraduate or a person starting a career?  

Wow! Amazing job! Thank you, I can't wait to find more time and dive into some of the resources you mentioned.  I will certainly refer more to your post after that!

(This is not legal/tax advice, also I'm not familiar with U.S tax law)

In case of fraud (of course hope it's not), It could be helpful for people who invested in FTX, to check if any tax deduction/relief could apply in his case (some brief info you can get here).

However, in some cases, there could be no way to compensate for losses because of a lack of capital gains.

I'm also curious whether there is any chance for EA orgs funded by FTX, to make any deduction or apply a relief for financial support withheld.

It's just a tiny prompt for further exploration. I hope any U.S tax lawyer can explain it.

If I am misleading anyone, please let me know (I will then delete/adjust the comment).

Love this post, It's so engaging!  I hope that you will get more attention and your idea become real. I'm wondering which types of businesses could most easily convert/insert tofu production. The meat industry could have some reservations about expanding production to include tofu, perhaps R&D into cheaper methods of tofu production would be useful in this regard.

Very interesting, I like this idea! 

There are only two things that concern me:

- It seems that the cost of outsourced services is sometimes unduly inflated. Take, for example, legal services. Besides drafting contracts, the lawyer also informs the client about the risks associated with a particular activity and how to mitigate them. Unfortunately, this area is prone to lawyer abuse in the form of artificially generating problems which translates into higher costs. For this reason, I guess small organisations tend to leave this kind of work to administrative or management personnel, and larger organisations tend to hire in-house lawyers.

- Second thing is that generalists and junior staff sometimes tend to switch within an organisation into other positions, so for EA orgs, it could be an opportunity for spotting talent who has a good fit for working in, as you said, core competencies, which probably would not be possible otherwise.