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Thank you for sharing, Vasco! To be honest, I wasn't thinking about cost effectiveness at the time; it really boiled down to the fact that my friend needed a kidney and I was a match. Maybe I'll donate to The Humane League league too though! <3

Thank you, Ezrah! The first few weeks were ROUGH, but I'm healing well. It's about Week 8 now and I'm mostly better. I'm still regaining my stamina and strength, but most days, I don't even remember that I'm missing an organ. In fact, my husband and I are taking a week-long hiking and camping trip right now. I'm slow, but can go for a few miles already!

Thank you, Dave, for your support and encouragement. I would not have posted this without your gentle nudges. :-)

Thank you, Pete, for your encouragements. I am grateful to share my experiences- good, bad, and ugly.