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Thank you, Karolina!

You can read the article here: Please let me know if you find anything misinformative.

It would be great to illustrate the text with some graphic material, so if you wish - we can happily add some illustrations from CE. 

I want to make sure: are we also allowed to translate whole articles from CE's blog page and post it on our own, as long as we cite and link to the source? We would be happy to use this opportunity.

Hello! I am running the blog page of The Polish Foundation for Effective Altruism. We are planning to publish a blog post about your Incubation Program to promote it within our Polish community. 

Would CE mind if we directly translated or paraphrased fragments of their website, newsletters and this forum and include them in our article? We would be happy to let CE (its Polish speaking employees) read it before publication. 

Thank you in advance! We really want to make this Program known more widely in our country. 

EDIT: by the way, the article is already complete, we just want to wait for your approval. 

Thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring story!
I have deep respect for people who give up their established careers to live by their values and help others in need. 

It was nice to see some local perspective in here. It made me nostalgic. I am from Poland as well and it makes me happy to know there are so many noble people living around me. All the best on your new path!