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This is an account that the Forum Team and associated people use to post events.


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LessWrong doesn't have this event cross-posting. Possibly it's less relevant for their site than the EA Forum.

Hi and welcome! :) Yes, the weekly socials are open to anyone. If you have specific questions, I recommend contacting the group organizers directly, as they are more likely to respond via email or Facebook.

Sure thing - I just assigned you as an organizer to the group. You should have access to edit the group's info and events.

We have a contractor who cross-posts EA events from Facebook and Meetup. If you'd prefer to manage your group's events yourself, we can ask the contractor to skip your group.

Yeah I think it needs to match a location on Google Maps. I updated the address/location so hopefully it's correct now - you should also be able to edit the event location yourself if it's still wrong.