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Thanks so much for doing this and for sharing! I found his comments on the portofolio of the Global Fund's malaria work to be particularly interesting :)

What, if anything, would you do differently if you were starting AMF today?

Now you have a bigger team have you found that comes with much more overhead in people management, internal communications etc?

On what frequency do you think about organisational goals and strategy internally? (If you're happy to share) E.g. do you set quarterly goals, think about big picture strategy annually etc

Relatedly / alternatively: In the course of running AMF have you ever struggled with worries about whether you're on the right track or doubted your choices? How have you handled this?

AMF has leveraged corporate support and partnerships perhaps more than other charities do. Does that seem true to you? If so, is it something you think lean nonprofits should be doing more?


Do you think the Effective Altruism community could/should be doing more to start new projects vs funding / staffing existing projects?


What do you think of interventions that save lives in a less direct and/or less measurable way? E.g. funding research into vaccine development, strengthening health systems, policy advocacy etc?

Did you get pushback from people in the early days who questioned the usefulness of the role AMF you could play or your model of delivery? How did you handle such pushback?

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