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The link above no longer works but is available here

Thanks a lot for the response - can I just ask what WAW stands for? Google is only showing me  writing about writing, which doesn't seem likely to be it...

And how often does RP decide to go ahead with publishing academia? 

I'm not sure this meets the 'spends the money effectively' criterion - it might, but we don't really know that yet. 

What kinds of research questions do you think are better answered in an organisation like RP vs. in academia, and vice versa? 

Is there any particular reason why biosecurity isn't a major focus? As far as I can see from the list, no staff work on it, which surprises me a little. 

Thanks for posting this.

Just a quick note that it confused me a little to see the statement "And differences of 1030 are almost impossible" until I realised it is meant to be 10^30. It might be worth editing the post to make that clear. 

Glad that you enjoyed it. 

You are right on both counts. This is quite an easy overview of meta-research if you want a starting point: https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.2005468 

I'd also be happy to have a look at anyone's ideas etc and have a decent idea (I think) of what TED-Ed might like. Just send me a message if I might be helpful. 

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