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Don't forget to go to today and vote for videos promoting effective charities like Against Malaria Foundation, The Humane League, GiveDirectly, Good Food Institute, ProVeg, GiveWell and Fish Welfare Initiative!

Not very active, but asking feedback on any type of EA-related writing is also welcome in the #role-writers channel in the EA Anywhere slack:

Ruining the person's life, their job prospects, their relationships (family, friends, partners),... while having little to no impact on the business of drug cartels. I'm not saying that's what definitely would happen, but I think the odds are uncomfortably high to risk it.

If I can stop a coke addiction, I can effectively save a life (without donating like 5000 dollars to a charity).


  1. It's unclear whether reporting would stop a coke addiction at all
  2. It's unclear whether stopping a coke addiction saves a life, since I assume most coke users don't die from overdose
  3. You could easily do more harm than good

I believe you're getting downvoted because this question isn't very relevant for the EA forum, which I think is understandable. Perhaps it would be better suited for Reddit or Twitter and maybe a quick take here. But to answer your question: I would not get involved, mostly because you don't know this person. There are so so many people doing cocaine and other drugs, reporting them doesn't really solve anything. You might ruin someone's life. You only get involved in case you know the person really well and then you just start with personally talking to them. Even then I'm not sure I'd report it. They're often a victim of their addiction, so they need help and support rather than punishment.

The location has changed! A lovely EA couple will host the event at their large apartment, located near Abbaye de la Cambre (between Flagey & Bois de la Cambre). Contact me (WhatsApp/Signal/text +32499401427) for the exact address.

Like Joseph says, conventional meditation doesn't work for everyone. Don't force yourself to try and do it. It doesn't work well for me either. Maybe less conventional forms of meditation would work for you: walking meditations, meditations targeted towards neurodiverse people (which is more literal) or just your own interpretation/take. I personally prefer focusing on mindfulness more broadly than meditation. And in my experience, cardio exercises and isolating myself to enjoy music are clearly more effective mindfulness exercices than meditation ever was for me.

This is great stuff, thank you for writing this up and sharing! Your extrapolations align with what I've learned/discovered over the past few years (but I don't have any scientific evidence to prove them either). It's sad to see such a small amount of upvotes on this post, but I hope you know that this write up is greatly appreciated and valuable for us writers in EA!

I was going to make the same comment as Dominic. This is a great tip! Overpromise with friends, underpromise with stakeholders.

I haven't read the other comments yet but I just want to share my deep appreciation for writing this post! I've always wondered why animal welfare gets so little funding compared to global health in EA. I'm thankful you're highlighting it and starting a discussion, whether or not OP's reasons might be justified.

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