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Thanks for your thoughts.

My current opinion is that title and content are both unprofessional enough despite saying some truths.

2$ an hour is payment better than no payment in "Uganda-centric perspective", but this work is creating mental health patients in a country where people cannot receive good support.

On the other hand, I doubt that any country can provide proper support for work where people have to consume the most disturbing content that exist.

It is a tough problem, but it should not be exported to a developing country to deal with, where people don't have any other choice but take any worst job that comes their way.

What if it would be done the other way around - content be expanded 20x times to match the title well?

Going to unpublish the post, because it lacks nuance and I don't like it too.

Sorry for being brief in my last answer. You made good reasonable points which I don't have much to add on.

I stick to my last answer that forum is a good place for that, because it is very hard and often close to impossible to create new services when functionality greatly overlaps with existing service. Think about Google+ which tried to compete with Facebook and what happened.
People use established service and forget to use similar one.

Forum is not perfect for it - yes, but for practical reasons I see it as the way to do epistemic standards and other things described in your comment. Forum is an established, central place for everything public like this.

Nice points as always.

Main issue One of the main issues with FTX is taking super high risks. It was unacceptable long ago. If reporting would have been the norm, it seems likely that someone who seen the decision making process (and decisions made), would have made private disclosures to EA management (reported many times for many decisions). Would this information have prevented EA management from still taking a lot of money, or taking this seriously? I am leaning towards the answer of 'yes', because internal information is more valuable than public rumors. The action will surely be taken from this point onwards after being burned by this already. Your point about them being reported as "rude" in this situation is not the best example:)

And personalized stories you shared are important, I will take time to think more about such situations.

I am suggesting tiny matters to be non public to achieve the goals described in the article. Discussion / disclosures can be public as well as their always are on the forum.

Which route is better? Or which one solves all the problems? Neither solves every layer, so multiple good solutions are needed.

I think forum is a good place for what you described.

Since I rarely open Facebook I would never see content posted there, so maybe it is not worth looking for a group on the platform. So it could have a column listing what kind of platform community is on. This would enable to filter out quickly.

Some people use more Facebook, others use more Slack, others use EA forum etc. There is so much on the internet and limited time.

I wonder:

  • how many EAs use Facebook;
  • how many members these groups have;
  • how active  groups are (do members visit groups);
  • how often posts are seen and how many see them (because of Facebook algorithm not showing posts);
  • what is the response/success rate (do people find the answers when they post?), do they find  it is worth continue using? Is there a sense of community created etc.

Same questions could be asked about Slack and other platforms. Slack does not have an algorithm, so every message has to be read, but how many people visit communities on Slack (everyday, once a week, once a month?)

How different platforms and groups compare? For example, Entrepreneurship group does better on Facebook or Slack?

Thanks for this work. I like the direction.

  1. Groups could be sorted (A-Z by industry) for better UX. Faster to look through. I done it manually and it looks better.
  2. Differentiate groups between Facebook/Slack/other. This is important if facebook/slack/other is not part of someones workflow. For example, I exported CSV and differentiated it myself by adding another column. This could be done already, so people would not need to do differentiating themselves for better UX.
  3. There is existing feature on EA Forum https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/community#online which is better because it has a potential to include more groups - any EA online group besides professional. It is also better because it has simple UI and simple to find.
  4. It would be nice to compare activity between Facebook and Slack groups for the purpose of curiosity. It is interesting to know how active are these on facebook (maybe super active?). Possibly there are other benefits of doing some analysis.
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