Rob Richie

President and CEO @ FairVote
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Rob  has led FairVote since helping to found it in 1992 and FairVote Action since founding it in 2002. He has played a key role in advancing, winning and implementing electoral reformsin states and cities, including ranked choice voting, proportional voting, Electoral College reform, and automatic voter registration. He's a frequent lecturer and media source, including on CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN and NPR. His writings appear regularly in national publications, and he has contributed to 11 books, including Every Vote Equal and Whose Votes Count. He is a graduate of Haverford College, where he serves on its Corporation. He and fellow electoral reformer Cynthia Richie Terrell have three children in their 20's all exploring their place in the world in intriguing ways.

How others can help me

Connect what brought me to helping to found FairVote (finding ways for society to take on pressing problems that can be "ahead of their time" when measured through winner-take-all, majority lenses) with the important work that so many people in the EA community are doing.

I'm also interested in plugging my family and friends into options for how best to take action in this complicated world of ours.

How I can help others

I know a lot about running organizations, scaling projects, building coalitions, winning difficult changes and making your case for change I've got a lot of connections in the electoral reform and voting rights world in the US, with far more limited connections elsewhere.


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