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Action Thread

This is the cash management outreach action thread! We’ll be using this thread to keep track of how outreach to EA organizations is going and avoid duplicating our efforts.

All replies to this thread should include the name of the organization in the first line, and reply to comments about a particular organization with updates on how outreach is going.

Please make comments on our overall methodology or approach as a separate top-level comment to avoid disrupting this thread, and check if the organization you want to post about is already included in this thread before submitting a new organization.

Actions you can take:

  • List an org and discuss whether they can benefit
  • Suggest good ways to reach out to an org. Directly reach out to an org yourself and provide updates. If you have contacts at an EA org - please share this article and introduce us. Here’s a template message to make your life easy: 

Dear [contact at EA org],

I wanted to share an EA forum article I was reading. [insert forum article link] 

The article analyzes cash management practices at EA orgs and highlights a simple, risk-neutral change to increase funding by up to millions. [Insert Org name here] was mentioned in the comments as a potential candidate.

Would love to get your thoughts in the comments. You can reach out to the authors at support@antigravityinvestments.com.


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