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Senior Product Manager @ Momentum
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I help lead Product at Momentum, and care about making funding for high impact causes more robust & diversified. I live in the Bay Area, advise Asia-based community builders and run Pineapple Operations. I previously worked in consulting, recruiting and marketing, with a BA in Sociology and focused on social movements. (A little on my journey to EA)

I'm always keen to hear feedback through any means. Here's an anonymous way to share:

Unless otherwise stated, I always write in a personal capacity.


/'vɛðehi/ or VEH-the-hee

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How others can help me

If you feel I can do something (anything) better, please let me know. I want to be warm, welcoming & supportive - and I know I can fail to live up to those standards sometimes. Have a low bar for reaching out - (anonymous form here). 

If you think you have different views to me (on anything!), reach out -I want to hear more from folks with different views to me. If you have deep domain expertise in a very specific area (especially non-EA) I'd love to learn about it!

Connect me to product designers, people with ops & recruiting backgrounds and potential PA/ops folks! 

How I can help others

I can give specific feedback on movement building & meta EA project plans and career advising. 

I can also give feedback on posts and grant applications. 


Operations in EA FAQs
Events in EA: Learnings & Critiques
EA Career Advice on Management Consulting
Exploratory Careers Landscape Survey 2020
Local Career Advice Network
Towards A Sociological Model of EA Movement Building


Topic contributions

Strong +1 to all of the above - I've observed this a lot especially with ops roles.

+1 I think it's worth trying to push for a 10% pledge and see what kind of traction you get. Also curious if you've spoken to OFTW about their experience with the 1% pledge and churn rates etc.

How long do the effects of the vaccine last / how was this incorporated into your estimates?

My naive guess is that this should make vaccines more cost effective on the time scale of years (since you won't need to re-vaccinate people), but maybe it's already incorporated into the efficacy estimate?

I'd love to know more about what the people you've spoken to have said - e.g. what kinds of accountability or transparency are they looking for?

I'm not sure (my active intro cb days were ~2019), but I think it is possibly still in the intro syllabus ? You could add a disclaimer at the top.

I'm not on LW very often, how frequently do you see these emojis being used?

From a UX perspective, I agree with Akash - it seems like there are way too many options and my prior is that people wouldn't use >80% of them.

I think this might be a good top level post - would be keen for you more people to see and discuss this point

Is AWF considering hiring a fundraiser to help fill this funding gap?

Thanks for this! A few questions:

  1. Of the 100 strategic pairings you did, how would you break down the impact / what was the outcome of the pairings?

  2. how do you think the AI for animals group will benefit animals? E.g. what kind of concrete outcomes do you expect to see?

  3. do you have a user survey or feedback on the relative value of the different services you provide? How do you prioritize between different initiatives?

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