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Hollis here from Wild Animal Initiative! Our thinking behind posting this on the EA Forum:

  • We think this is an exciting development in the wild animal welfare cause area.
  • There may be forum users who are interested but would not have heard about the article through other channels.
  • On a previous linkpost, we were asked to include some of the linked text in the body of the post. I copied the text from our blog into this post, but I didn't make it clear that it was crossposted when I first published it.

I've added a link to make it clearer that this wasn't originally written for the forum. We only want to post things here that are relevant and useful to the community, so we welcome your feedback!

Hi Will, Hollis here! You're correct, this is crossposted from our blog, which has a different tone from most EA Forum posts. I've added a note and a link above to clarify.

Thanks, Edo! That's a great suggestion, and we've updated the linkpost with the key takeaways. We're so glad you're excited about our work. Stay tuned in late January for updates from our 2021 strategic planning sessions!