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Join us for our next EA social! We're hosting biweekly socials for anyone in Eindhoven who is interested in the ideas of effective altruism.

Curious to meet the Effective Altruism Eindhoven community? Come join us at our biweekly social meetups to discuss EA ideas and have fun in a casual setting. We look forward to meeting you!

We start at 20:00, and you’re welcome to stay till whenever you want. The event is for experienced and new EAs, so feel free to bring along a friend! Our group consists mostly of students, but anyone else is welcome too.

Join us in Hubble Community Café on the TU/e Campus. In order to find us more easily at the café, ask at the bar for the reservation by Effective Altruism Eindhoven or look for the table with our name.

To learn more about Effective Altruism Eindhoven, visit our website.




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