Although this was posted on April 1st, we promise this is not a joke :)

Our team is excited to announce that the Stanford Existential Risk Initiative is now taking applications for our 10-week, in-person, paid summer research fellowship. The program will take place in Berkeley, California between June and August, during which fellows can contribute directly to existential risk research. 

The program will support technical and governance research in AI Safety, Biosecurity, Nuclear Risk and Climate Change, as well as additional Field Building and Miscellaneous & Meta projects.

Apply here: 2022 SERI Summer Research Fellowship Application

Applications are due April 17th. We expect the application to take 1- 4 hours for most to complete. We are primarily targeting undergraduate and graduate students, but anyone is welcome to apply. Unfortunately, international applicants are only eligible for the remote program, as we are unable to assist with acquiring visas.

More information can be found in our FAQ

Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions at




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The website looks great! It is worth noting that the applications are only open to people with the legal right to work in the US, as I understand it? 


Updated, thanks!

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