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Hello, dear friends,

On the eve of the holiday, allow me to congratulate you on the upcoming Independence Day and wish you prosperity and all the best!

Upon the recommendation of an active member of this forum, I registered here a few days ago, and as a new forum participant, I would like to introduce myself. I am the main founder and chief developer of a volunteer educational project aimed at creating and developing a vast molecular chemical database,

At the moment, the database is already operational and contains approximately 1.7 billion three-dimensional molecular structures. If someone wanted to calculate these structures individually, it would require a supercomputer from the TOP500 list, costing several million dollars and three years of work.

We calculated these structures collectively, significantly reducing computational costs by utilizing elegant computational mathematics.

Our database is completely free because we want knowledge to be open and accessible to all, primarily targeting schoolchildren and students who are just beginning to study chemistry. We aim for the information to be simple, understandable, and tangible. I see how it helps my own children in learning chemistry at school, and I hope that our project will slightly enhance the level of education, including environmental awareness, among children and young people worldwide.

We have many plans to add more features to this database, primarily the ability for collaborative editing, similar to how it is done on Wikipedia, allowing anyone to contribute and correct knowledge.

Currently, we have been funding this project ourselves from the available resources of our small commercial company. However, external donations to this project would greatly accelerate its development.

It would be fantastic if more people could learn about our volunteer project. Some may start using it, others could help improve it, and some may even offer support. Therefore, I would be immensely grateful if you could help spread the word about our project as much as possible.

With respect,





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