If you want to learn how to hire effectively while attracting a diverse pool of candidates, then we have a series of workshops for you!

This is a joint workshop series created by Animal Advocacy Careers and Tania Luna, who is an expert on the topic. 

Learn to:

  • attract top and diverse talent
  • design an effective hiring process
  • test for mission-alignment
  • hire the best candidate!

Suitable for all levels, leaders and HR managers, and anyone involved in or interested in hiring, not just for animal advocacy organisations. 

As background, we have created this programme after working with multiple animal advocacy organisations and hiring rounds in the last 2 years. We identified a couple of bottlenecks such as a lack of experience in hiring managers, processes that inhibit diversity, or inefficient processes that result in loss of candidates or funding due to additional hiring efforts. We believe if solved, this could save organisations a lot of time and money, better candidates being hired and more retention of talent in our movement.  

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Can you give a tl;dr of what processes you suggest in this workshop?

Thanks Nathan that's a great idea, we may publish something like this:) 

There are lots of workshops one could go to and a quick sense of content will help me decide whether it's for me.

Hey Nathan, here is some more info on the first workshop: 


How bias can prevent you from hiring the best candidate:

A poorly written job description can put off diverse candidates.

A lack of universal criteria can lead to the best candidates being overlooked due to bias.

Lack of provision for inclusion during test task can miss out on some of the best performers

A process that's not inclusive can lead to candidates dropping off

And many more!

We can't afford to be biased when hiring, especially considering our movement's limited resources.

Together we will look at the following:

The FAIR model of hiring

How to create a job ad that attracts the most diverse audiences

Hidden ways we can introduce bias in hiring unknowingly

How not to introduce bias via reference checks

How to remove bias from test tasks

Design the most and the least biased hiring process and spot the differences

We are confident that everyone, experienced and new hiring managers alike will come out with actionable takeaways from this important workshop.

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