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Hi, EAs!

Legal Impact for Chickens is looking for people who own stock in meat or egg companies. 

Shareholders in meat and egg companies have a unique opportunity to do good.

Even owning one share—or a fraction—can give you the power to make a big difference. 

If you hold shares in a company and want to help the company’s animals, you may have the power to do so. And LIC may be able to help. 

Please reach out! 

Or click here: https://www.legalimpactforchickens.org/investors


Q: Why do shareholders matter?

A: As partial owners of corporations, shareholders have some power to protect the corporation’s interests. For example, when an investigation revealed mistreatment of Costco’s birds, two shareholders stepped into Costco’s shoes and sued Costco’s executives for making the company violate state animal neglect laws.


Q: Is LIC asking people to go out and buy stock?

A: No. LIC is NOT asking anyone to go out and buy stock. We are trying to find people who already own stock in a meat or egg company. 


Q: If I own a 401k, ETF, or mutual fund, does that count?

A: Sadly, no. LIC is specifically looking for people who own shares in a company directly.


Q: What if I only own part of a share? 

A: That counts! Please reach out!! 


Q: Do I have to give you my stock in order to help?

A: No! You get to keep it. 


Q: What does this cost?

A: Nothing. It's free. We are looking for someone to help us help animals. 


Legal Impact for Chickens is a 501(c)(3) animal-welfare charity located at 2108 N Street, # 5239, Sacramento CA 95816-5712. We represent our clients for FREE, in order to help animals. This post is nonprofit attorney advertising. ❤️🐥⚖️  To clarify, we aren't trying to sell you anything. We just want your help in our animal welfare work.



Alene & LIC




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