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Last month, we made an April Fools Day post about rebranding to Shrimpactful Animal Advocacy. It was a two-sided joke, because we are rebranding. 

As of today, Impactful Animal Advocacy is now Hive

Our new name won’t have the word “impactful” in it – but it’s still an important part of our mission: to end factory farming through creating impact-focused communities.


We are excited to announce that Impactful Animal Advocacy is now Hive, the same organization with a fresh look and feel. 

After much thought and consideration, we envision Hive to better reflect who we are – capturing our collaborative spirit and commitment to generating impact within the farmed animal advocacy movement.

Why rebrand? 

This change is, in part, a response to common feedback that the name Impactful Animal Advocacy is too long (10 syllabus!), hard to remember, and difficult to recognize as the acronym IAA. 

We want to empower animal advocates to do work that’s effective and impactful. And if they are, we want them to feel comfortable calling their work impactful animal advocacy without worrying about overstepping into an org’s name.

Why we chose Hive

We want to convey a sense of friendliness and approachability, combined with a rational and results-driven approach. Additionally, we wanted to avoid using an acronym if possible.

  • Name: Hive. The word hive is a place full of activity, and in the context of bees, it’s a place where many gather. Hive symbolizes collaboration and coordination, while still bearing a subtle animal element.
  • Logo: Hexagon with 3 typing indicator dots. The hexagon is a reference to bee hives. The three typing indicator dots are common on digital platforms, and help explain that we are a largely online community that thrives on communication. 
  • Colors: Deep and light orange gradient. We think these warmer colors will help establish the brand as a place for fresh ideas and energy. The fluid nature of the gradient represents the diversity of viewpoints and collaborative nature of our community.  


How this change affects our community or programs

You will see that our name, logo, and website will be changed. Besides that, our programs (Slack, newsletter, etc) will run as usual. Other changes that you may see, such as Community Calls, are not related to the rebrand and are instead part of our continuous improvements.

We thank many people and organizations:

  • Vegan Hacktivists for their initial logo design and brand kit – it helped us get started quickly and we are thankful this service helps other orgs get off the ground also. 
  • Our trusted advisors and mentors have been critical in supporting us through all the organizational growth we experienced in 2023. Thank you to Cameron King, David Meyer and Tracy Spencer, Rockwell Schwarz, Aaron Boddy, Nicoll Peracha, Jay Barrett, Rachel Atcheson, Jacob Eliosoff, Monica Chen, David Nash, Steven Rouk, Wanyi Zeng, David Coman-Hidy, Tania Luna, Alyssa Greene-Crow, Nicole Rawling and Ana Bradley. You have all been so helpful and we appreciate your time.  
  • Our funders and donors who have helped not just with funding but with valuable advice that helped us create and follow a focused and solid strategy, including Open Philanthropy, Lush, Veg Trust, Craigslist Charitable Fund, Humane America Animal Foundation, and all the individual donors who believed in us and supported us so early in our journey.
  • James and Amy Odene from User-Friendly who helped us come up with a new name and design the Hive logo and website. You have been incredibly helpful and patient in this process. We love the end product!
  • All of our loyal Slack members – for being the impactful and helpful advocates that you are! We are so thankful to have you in our community.

Our new website is joinhive.org.

What do you think of the rebrand? Let us know in the comments, send us a DM in Slack, or fill out this anonymous form





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This change is, in part, a response to common feedback that the name Impactful Animal Advocacy is too long (10 syllabus!), hard to remember, and difficult to recognize as the acronym IAA. 

I just tried and failed to remember the name last night when I was trying to recommend IAA to a friend of mine interested in getting involved in animal welfare.

Thankfully I was quickly able to say "Oh, they're called Hive now, here's their Slack invite link!" and all was well.

Wow love this user case study Corn, thanks for sharing! Can I quote you please if someone doesn’t like the new name? 🙃😂

By all means please do

While I like the rebrand, the typing indicator in the hexagonal speech/message "bubble" makes me think of a messaging app like WhatsApp/Telegram/...

Thanks a lot for your feedback Bojan! 

This was actually the intention because one of our flagship programs is our Slack space with over 2000+ advocates where messaging is the main feature. We are largely an online community, so we wanted the logo to reflect that :) 

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