Dear EA Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently seeking enthusiastic individuals within the Effective Altruism community to review my fellowship application. I plan to apply for this  . The proposed career capital activity that focuses on the development of a phage-based vaccine for Salmonella Typhi, with a specific emphasis on bolstering Africa's biodefense capabilities.

Global Catastrophic Risk Impact:
The initiative's impact extends beyond immediate infectious disease threats, positioning Africa to respond independently to emerging health challenges and potential biowarfare scenarios. By developing phage-based vaccines, we contribute significantly to mitigating global catastrophic risk, with a focus on fortifying Africa's defenses.

Why Review My Application?
Your valuable insights can enhance the quality and rigor of the proposed research, ensuring that it aligns with the principles of Effective Altruism. Your expertise in related fields, commitment to global catastrophic risk reduction, or experience in vaccine development will be particularly beneficial.

How to Contribute:
If you are interested in reviewing my application, please respond to this message or contact me directly. Your feedback will play a crucial role in refining this initiative and advancing our shared goal of reducing global catastrophic risk.

Thank you for considering this request. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the future.




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