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Applications Close on the 21st of January!


*We invite the international EA community to attend our conference in Mexico City, believing that your presence will nourish and enrich the event.*

If you’re unsure about whether to apply, err on the side of applying.


EAGxLATAM 2024 will take place in Mexico City at the Museo de las Ciencias Universum, from 16 to 18 February 2024. 

Vision for the conference 

Our main goal is to generate meaningful connections between EAs. If you’re new to EA, this conference will help you discover the next steps on your EA journey and be part of a supportive community dedicated to doing good.

What to expect 

The event will feature: 

  • Talks and workshops on pressing problems that the EA community is currently trying to address
  • Most talks will be conducted in English, except for a small number of talks and workshops that will be given in Portuguese/Spanish
  • The opportunity to meet and share advice with other EAs in the community
  • Social events around the conference


See you in Mexico City!

The Organizing Team





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