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At Charity Entrepreneurship, in the past few years, we’ve launched 18 new charities. Several exceed the cost-effectiveness of the strongest charities in their fields and a few have been supported by Givewell. (e.g. Fortify Health just announced an $8.2m grant). 

To further our impact in the coming years, we are excited to grow the CE team. We are currently recruiting for 3 new hires (London or remote). By growing, we aim to double the quality of our incubated charities and then, to double the quantity. (More details here.) 

Please share this post with your network.  Doing so may have a large counterfactual impact, as finding the right people is the primary bottleneck to our scaling plans. 


The Roles:

  1. Recruitment & Outreach Manager to help us find program applicants
  2. Research Analyst to help us find promising charity ideas
  3. Training Program Lead to run the Foundations program


We offer:

  • A job that has a huge impact on the world
  • The chance to shape the direction, goals, and achievements of CE
  • 30 paid vacation days p/yr
  • Experience working at a nonprofit start-up
  • A community of talented, dedicated, and like-minded EAs

N.B. Salary and moving costs are flexible depending on employee needs and fall between $40-60k USD.


1) RECRUITMENT & OUTREACH MANAGER: To help find the next aspiring founders for our Incubation Program, we are looking for a Recruitment & Outreach Manager to create and maintain talent pipelines online and in person and to represent CE to both engaged EA audiences and external cause area communities around the world

How this role will cause impact

  • The best predictor of which of our incubated charities will end up causing the highest impact is the quality of the co-founders. As we scale, key to our success will be finding more highly talented, value-aligned people to join our incubation program.
  • The role will involve appearing at different conferences around the world, presenting CE’s model to (EA) groups and helping audiences determine whether charity entrepreneurship might be a good fit for them.
  • Each person we find is estimated to have the expected impact equivalent to donating $200,000 USD / year to effective charities, so finding these gems is challenging, but extremely rewarding.
  • The Recruitment & Outreach manager will focus on researching and comparing the best outreach tools, identifying potential candidates, and building connections. Their work will focus on one-on-one communications, in writing and in person, as well as on giving talks and presentations (rather than focusing on our website or social media presence).


2) RESEARCH ANALYST: We are looking for a research analyst to join our research team to conduct both shallow and in-depth research into promising ideas to find the very best charity interventions for charity entrepreneurs to found:  

How this role will cause impact

  • As we scale up, one of our biggest bottlenecks to launching more high-impact charities is our capacity to vet hundreds of charity ideas across cause areas and narrow to the most impactful, cost-effective, evidence-based few that will then be launched through our charity incubation program.
  • As a member of the 4 person research team you’ll start off with hundreds of charity ideas and then progress through increasingly deep rounds of research. This culminates in publishing reports which in turn become the basis for the charities that get launched. Your impact will be fast, tangible, and lasting.
  • The current bar for charity ideas is for them to be substantially better than current top global health charities, e.g. potentially 5x better than Against Malaria Foundation.

By the end of your first year as a Research Analyst, you will have:

  • Identified the best five charity interventions out of hundreds of ideas
  • (Co-)authored and published ~5 in-depth research reports on our website and the EA Forum (95% Confidence interval: 3-10 research reports)
  • Seen 1-3 of your ideas launched as new charities
  • Developed a deep understanding of our iterative research process and decision-making tools


3) PROGRAM LEAD: In addition to our Incubation Program, we are also launching a new Foundation Incubation Program to help individuals who are launching new foundations set them up for maximum impact. We are looking for a Foundation Program Lead to take over both the content creation process, and manage and implement the new program:

How this role will cause impact

  • Recently, the training content of our Charity Incubation Program and our handbook How to Launch a High-Impact Nonprofit have been used by a number of philanthropic foundations and grantmakers to improve their impact, particularly in the early stages of their set-up. Overall, these impacts have been large enough to convince us to pilot a training/incubation program specifically for the founders of philanthropic foundations in 2022.
  • The Foundation Program Lead will be a fairly senior role involving considerable ownership over this new initiative. We think that a well-done training program to help the set-up and initial direction of new foundations, running alongside our existing Incubation Program, will fill a crucial gap in the philanthropic ecosystem.
  • This will enable incredible amounts of impact through influencing the direction of large amounts of charitable funds.


To give you a sense of what it’s like to work on the CE team we’ve made this short video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51kOKmkAZg4 


The application deadline is May 18th, 2022  

Expected hours: Full-time

Location: London or remote

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Judith@charityentrepreneurship.com 






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