My first contribution here; excited to be part of this. :)

I recently posted content on my blog for the first time:
It is a compilation of resources on animal ethics and helping animals.

I would have loved to receive such a compilation when I started asking myself how I could get an overview of crucial considerations regarding animal ethics and how I could better help animals; I hope this is going to prove useful for others.

I intend to keep adding more resources (on various topics and from various sources) to this compilation (and to maybe improve its format) from time to time.

Comments / suggestions (including proposals for additional resources or alternative ways of structuring the compilation) – such as these on my post in the Effective Animal Advocacy - Discussion facebook group – are very welcome! :)




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Thanks for creating this comprehensive list!

For the wild animal suffering section, there’s a book by Kyle Johannsen that covers the ethics of intervention:

I haven't gone through all of it, but this looks great!

This is a thoughtful amount of material that suggests both compassion and ability to take action on this important cause.

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