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@Greg_Colbourn has generously offered to buy people copies of @Darren McKee's new book on AI X-risk.

I'd be interested to getting people's thoughts on who it makes sense to give books to? I mean, people in our day-to-day sphere of influence (this could be an ML engineer who isn't alignment pilled, but only if they're your friend or relative).

Imagine you're a marketer with limited budget for advertising spend - who do you target?

I have 12 copies of the book and would like to crowdsource some ideas.

Some possible answers from chatgpt:

  • Colleagues in tech industry: Foster responsible AI practices.
  • Friends and family: Promote public awareness and discussions.
  • Local community leaders: Advocate for responsible AI policies.
  • Students: Shape future professionals' ethical perspectives.




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I think it also makes sense to consider (1) who would actually read the book if I gave it to them (2) what their response would be (i.e. would they dismiss it outright?).

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