Jain Family Institute (JFI) has a mission to address pressing social problems by identifying and building high-impact interventions that translate to real world progress.  They provide a platform for social and research entrepreneurship, implementing policy ideas from partners in the US and abroad.  JFI uses a methodology of identifying and vetting cutting-edge or underdeveloped ideas, conducting research to assess their potential benefit, and designing pilots and policy ultimately aiming to implement and scale them for maximum social impact.  These form tools for policymakers to create better long term outcomes and develop stronger institutions around the world.  

The team including Jonathan, Paul, and Thaïs presented several projects they are working on to help developing municipalities manage public funds to invest for the future while delivering better public services today.  Opportunities to engage for data scientists, web designers and programmers, and financial modelers to help expand their public policy tools.  Efforts range from one hour to months based on interest.


Passcode: &p?9cV5^

Contact: Jonathan.Calenzani@jainfamilyinstitute.org




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