For centuries, people have sought to peer inside living organisms without causing harm, and it's only been a few decades since methods for such non-invasive scanning emerged. Not all methods are harmless, and those that are both safe and capable of providing three-dimensional imaging, like MRI, come with such a high cost that not everyone can access them. A 15-minute MRI scan, for instance, can cost around a thousand dollars.

Imagine if MRI technology could be transformed into a thick tablet form, and the cost of scanning reduced to less than a dollar per scan. Since MRI is entirely safe, utilizing such equipment would be simple, allowing real-time, three-dimensional imaging of the scanned organ.

We've made significant progress recently in developing DNP-NMR methods, with confirmation from five issued American patents. We're now planning to launch the first pilot production of these low-cost MRI tablets. Today, we can offer early and accurate health diagnostics that will be accessible to a broad population. This could significantly improve the quality of life, health prevention, and reduce healthcare expenses for people, offering hope for the salvation of many human and animal lives.

We invite you to contribute to the development of this unique technology to help those currently battling illnesses without access to timely medical diagnostics and those desperately fighting for survival in conflict zones. Your support can involve pre-ordering mini-MRIs (information is available on our project's website and donating to humanitarian missions that use our technology. For each pre-order, we will allocate 10% of donations to charitable causes.

When placing a pre-order or making a donation, you can specify where you'd like us to direct the charitable funds:

  • Send them to animal shelters to help our four-legged friends.
  • Send them to countries where access to timely medical diagnostics is limited, such as impoverished African nations.
  • Support the rescue of wounded Ukrainian soldiers, aiding them in their challenging fight for survival and freedom.

If you have specific suggestions regarding other directions, we would be happy to consider your input.

Your choices and decisions play a vital role, and in return, we promise complete transparency in the use of your donations, providing you with full information on where they were allocated and how your contribution contributed to improving health and saving lives, as well as making the world a better place.

The image shows a photo of the scanning process using a previous version of this MRI scanner. All stages of the technology's development are also detailed on the project's website at




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