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The Legal Priorities Project is looking for interview subjects for a biosecurity & pandemic preparedness impact litigation project

Impact litigation – the practice of bringing disputes before courts to achieve a lasting impact on a social cause – is widely used to promote policy change and raise public awareness on a wide range of topics, with some measure of success. As proof of concept, research on climate change litigation shows that the cumulative number of cases brought before courts around the world doubled in the last 6 years and 58% of cases brought outside the US have had outcomes favorable to climate change goals.

The Legal Priorities Project is building a team to use impact litigation strategies as a means to mitigate existential risk. With the objective of assessing whether these strategies could be an effective tool to reduce existential risk from biorisks and pandemics, we would like to get in touch with people in the EA community who have in-depth knowledge related to (i) the main sources of biorisk, (ii) possible measures to improve biosecurity & pandemic preparedness (legal or non-legal), and/or (iii) (impact) litigation, generally, but especially in biosecurity (US and non-US).

If you are this person or know someone who is, we would be most grateful if you could send an email to jose.villalobos@legalpriorities.org and we will get in touch shortly.




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