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Tomorrow (February 8) the Forum will be commemorating Benjamin Lay; consider writing something to reflect on moral progress, beliefs and tactics that go against societal norms, or anything related to his life.

Also, we recently updated the author analytics page; share your feedback if you have any.

This week, there is also an experimental shorter version of the Forum Digest. To see it, click here

— Toby (for the Forum team)

We recommend:

  1. An Intergovernmental Panel On Global Catastrophic Risks (IPGCR) (DannyBressler, 22 min)
  2. Intervention report: Slowing down factory farming in Sub Saharan Africa (Aashish Khimasia, 52 min)
  3. My model of how different AI risks fit together (Stephen Clare, 8 min)
  4. UK AI Bill Analysis & Opinion (AI Law, 18 min)
  5. Summary: Maximal cluelessness (Nicholas Kruus, Andreas_Mogensen, 5 min)
  6. A framework for using money as a proxy for impact estimation (Christoph Hartmann, 19 min)
  7. A discussion of the assumptions behind anti-AI-accelerationism (Matthew_Barnett, quick take)
  8. Veg*n diet discussions:
    1. Vegan vitamin supplement spreadsheet (Sam Celarek, quick take)
    2. Lower-suffering egg brands available in the SF Bay Area (mayleaf, 8 min)
  9. Years in review:
    1. Animal Advocacy Africa’s 2023 Review and Plans for 2024 (AnimalAdvocacyAfrica, 20 min)
    2. Fish Welfare Initiative's 2023 in Review (haven, TomBill, 9 min)


  1. Updates and news
    1. Introducing the Animal Advocacy Forum (David van Beveren)
    2. Announcing the London Initiative for Safe AI (LISA) (JamesFox)
    3. Niel Bowerman will be the next CEO of 80,000 Hours (80000_Hours, Robert_Wiblin)
    4. LTFF plans to raise the bar for mechanistic interpretability grants (Linch, quick take)
  2. Opportunities for action
    1. GiveWell is hiring for senior roles: Head of People Operations and Head of Communications (GiveWell, 3 min)
    2. Help with work on breakthrough treatments for addiction and overdose (mincho, 2 min)
    3. Upcoming job deadlines in the Who’s hiring thread
      1. Program Associate at CellAg UK (Remote, £40k (pro-rata) | 7 Feb)
      2. Research/Executive Assistant for the Director at the Forethought Foundation (Oxford, £40k-£70k | 11 Feb)
      3. Budapest AI Safety Technical Lead (Budapest, Hungary or remote, USD$9-12 per hour (pre-tax) | 12 Feb)
      4. EA Hungary Head of Communications/Operations (Budapest, Hungary, USD$9-12 per hour (pre-tax)|  12 Feb)
      5. Researcher at GWWC (Remote| 18 Feb)

Classic Forum post The decline of footbinding as a case study of moral progress (rosehadshar, 15 min)

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