We (Kelsey and Ajeya) just launched a new blog about AI futurism and AI alignment called Planned Obsolescence. If you’re interested, you can check it out here

Both of us have thought a fair bit about what we see as the biggest challenges in technical work and in policy to make AI go well, but a lot of our thinking isn’t written up, or is embedded in long technical reports. This is an effort to make our thinking more accessible. That means it’s mostly aiming at a broader audience than LessWrong and the EA Forum, although some of you might still find some of the posts interesting.

So far we have seven posts:

Thanks to ilzolende for formatting these posts for publication. Each post has an accompanying audio version generated by a voice synthesis model trained on the author's voice using Descript Overdub.

You can submit questions or comments to mailbox@planned-obsolescence.org.

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I think Ajeya and Kelsey are among the very best communicators (and researchers) on issues around AI alignment (e.g. 1, 2); so it's cool that you've joined forces for this. Excited for future posts!

Cool! I just hope that in the future you crosspost all the posts here. I like the forum and don't like to have to check different external blogs.

We're aiming for a pretty high post volume, enough that I assumed we shouldn't cross-post all posts, but if there were a ton of demand for that we could probably reconsider.

If you don't cross-post them individually, maybe you could e.g. monthly make one forum post linking all the new blog posts that month? I think if you never cross-post, you'll get fewer readers, and forum readers seem likely to get value from the blog posts.

As an alternative to Isaac's suggestion, you could also

  • Post the most important/substantial ones as posts on the Forum.
  • Post the others as shortforms on the Forum (optionally only the summaries).

Great! I would find a podcast version most convenient (akin to Joe Carlsmith Audio) and given the audio is already generated I imagine this is not that hard to set up (though I never have myself).

Here's the link to the various podcasting services it's on! https://www.buzzsprout.com/2160905/share 

Most podcast apps let you subscribe to an RSS feed, and an RSS feed of the audio is available on the site

Ah whoops, thanks! I have only ever subscribed to podcasts by searching for the name within my app, which didn't work, but using the RSS feed worked :)

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