• 'The Kinks' wrote these songs over fifty years ago but they echo some EA-endorsed ideas and my experiences of them.
  • I enjoy these songs for feeling more engaged and less alone with these ideas and experiences. Also because they're great songs (by my taste!)
  • Sharing them below in case they do something similar for you. Also in case there's any other songs or interpretations you'd add, including whether I've been overly influenced by The Kinks and/or EA ideas 😅
SongSong ideas (my interpretation)Relation to EA ideas/experiences (my interpretation)
'A Well Respected Man' (1965)We often miss opportunities to benefit others with our privileges 
'Apeman' * (1970)Shares anxieties about "crazy politicians" and that "I don't want to die in a nuclear war"
  • Taking action on existential risks, and
  • Experiencing difficult emotions when taking notice of these risks **
Concern for "inflation and starvation"
  • Connectedness with, and care for, people

"I'm no better than the animals sitting

In the cages in the zoo man"

  • Humility, 
  • Connectedness with, and care for, non-human animals
'Strangers' (1970)"I see many people coming after me... So I will follow you wherever you go"
  • Humility, 
  • Connectedness with, and care for, future generations

"Strangers on this road we are on

We are not two we are one"

"So we will share this road we walk,

And mind our mouths and beware our talk"

* Annoyingly this song is not very gender sensitive. Also all three songs have a heavily western worldview given The Kinks were a UK band

** In case helpful, I find this C.S. Lewis quote (amongst other resources suggested in Mental Health and the Alignment Problem) particularly helpful for sharing and managing these difficult emotions.




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