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With just two weeks to go (deadline April 14th), many EAs are preparing to apply to our three programs. 

Before applying, we often encourage applicants to check out our resources to give them the best chances of success. We also believe in just sharing good ideas and good materials. So we decided to post some of those resources here for the community at large. 

There’s a lot of material here, so don’t feel put off. Most successful applicants don’t have a huge amount of time to prepare before applying. Instead, they dig deeper into specific content the further they get in the application process. 

7 suggested resources and steps for applying 

  1. Read up about the programs you’re interested in, take Impactful Careers Quiz or CE-specific quiz on our website, explore our blog, and read the relevant report or idea summaries
  2. Read our handbook. Here’s a free copy of the first chapter
  3. Get a sense of how our research process is designed to help us find the best ideas. 
  4. Understand our values and think about what they mean to you. 
  5. Read about a few of the 31 charities we have helped launch and take a look at our past participants and their testimonials. 
  6. Read our blog post: How to increase your odds of getting accepted
  7. Revisit and tailor your CV to highlight relevant, independent, altruistic, or unusual projects or work.

If you want to go deeper, check out this document with many links, articles, podcasts, and book recommendations covering the following and more: 

  1. Learn more about Effective Altruism
  2. Get motivated to be ambitious
  3. Get better at decision-making and meta skills
  4. Get better at productivity systems
  5. Get better at being fast and lean
  6. Work on your creativity
  7. Get better at quantitative work, research, science
  8. Learn more about scientific methods and evidence
  9. Get more resilient and confident
  10. Learn more about running a charity

And much more. 

We hope the following are useful in helping you consider and prepare for an application to one of our programs! You can apply here until April 14!





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