“Association of Animal and Plant Protein Intake With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality”

Study authors found that substituting 3 percent of daily calories from animal protein with plant protein was associated with a lower risk for death from all causes: a 34 percent drop when participants swapped out processed red meat for plant protein, and a 19 percent decrease when they replaced eggs.

By contrast, participants who increased their animal-source protein by 10 percent had an 8 percent higher risk of death from heart disease, and a 2 percent higher risk of death from all causes.




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Thanks for sharing this research! As far as I know it concords well with other research showing plant-based proteins are at least as healthy as animal-based ones, if not moreso. Plant proteins also come with much less suffering of conscious beings* than animal proteins do, which seems to make them the most moral option for people looking to eat ethically.

*not only the animals brutalized in factory farms, but also the human workers pushed into such jobs by economic desperation

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