We are delighted to announce that Giving What We Can have updated our giving recommendations page and donation platform (previously EA Funds), reflecting the latest recommendations of our five trusted evaluators this giving season (GiveWell, Animal Charity Evaluators, Founders Pledge, EA Funds and Longview Philanthropy) and applying our new inclusion criteria for funds and charities.

We are currently[1] recommending 12 top-rated funds and 14 top-rated charities spread across the "cause areas" of improving human wellbeing, improving animal welfare, and creating a better future. We have also recently added content on why we recommend donors to use funds over donating directly to charities, and have added a transparency page for Giving What We Can.

Read more about GWWC's broader activities around giving season here, and about our research plans for next year here.

  1. ^

    We plan to add up to 10 more top-rated funds and charities over the coming few weeks, conditional on them completing due diligence and onboarding.

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