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High Impact Professionals (HIP) has launched a Talent Directory with ~600 impact-oriented candidates.


HIP has launched a Talent Directory of ~600 impact-oriented candidates in order to assist both recruiters/hiring managers at EA-aligned organizations as well as job seekers looking to transition to a higher impact role at such organizations.

For EA-Aligned Organizations

We intend for the Talent Directory to be a valuable resource allowing recruiters and hiring managers to filter for candidates that align with a role’s criteria. The directory currently includes a wide variety of pertinent information like candidates’ cause areas of interest, years of work experience, amount of money managed, number of staff managed, LinkedIn/CV, time spent engaging with EA, availability, and more. We are also collecting more candidate information to roll out additional useful filtering options in the future.


Moreover, the directory will serve as a collection of go-to resources curated to support a variety of organizations’ needs:

For Impact-Focused Job Seekers

As an update to our prior announcement, the Talent Directory is positioned to increase the visibility of your profile as, with your consent, it will be proactively shared with organizations and shared publicly on HIP’s website. We already have over 20 organizations using the directory, and we are working this quarter to grow that engagement several times over.

If you are looking to transition your career to higher impact opportunities, please sign up to the Talent Directory to ensure you are in front of organizations that are looking for candidates like you.

Also, if you are interested in finding someone to start an impactful, EA-aligned organization or project with, you can find potential co-founders/collaborators.

We Want Your Feedback

HIP’s goal is to make these resources as usable and valuable as possible. So, whether you’re an organization/recruiter or a jobseeker, we welcome your feedback and ideas for improvement. Please let us know your critiques, be they positive or (even better) negative, via this feedback form or in the comments below.

Spread the Word

Lastly, if you know any organizations or individuals who would benefit from hearing about the Talent Directory, please spread the word.






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