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MAYOR ALEX FISCH is holding an event on approval voting, but we need your virtual attendance to demonstrate to other LA area opinion leaders at this event that there is momentum behind approval voting, and it is worth their time and resources to get behind

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Culver City is well-known for Columbia Pictures, NPR, TikTok, and for being an overall great place to live in West Los Angeles. Additionally…Culver City is on the leading edge of real voting reform.

Join California Approves and The Center for Election Science

Thursday 11/18 at 6:00 PM PST

for a virtual Culver City Area Open House. Learn more about approval voting and the effort to bring it to Culver City and Southern California!

Listen as guest of honor - Mayor of Culver City, Alex Fisch - tells us where the effort stands today and what can be done to further the cause.

There is no cost to attend…anyone interested in voting reform is encouraged to attend.

Register here

If you have any questions, contact:

Chris Raleigh
Director of Campaigns & Advocacy
The Center for Election Science

Alan Savage
President - California Approves: Alan@CaliforniaApproves.org

Jeff Justice
Secretary & Treasurer - California Approves: Jeff@CaliforniaApproves.org




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I don't want this to seem like it's directed at this post in particular, but more a general class of things on see on EA Forum, and this just happened to finally trigger the thought for me.

Calls to action like this for things that aren't broadly accepted as core EA areas would benefit substantially from including links to reminding us why we should care about this.

Like, if someone posts about x-risk or global poverty or animal welfare or something like that, I'm like, sure, seems on topic and relevant to EAs because there's broad agreement that this thing is solidly within EA and, even if individual EAs choose not to work on it, there's not a major dispute this is potentially effective, only disagreements about how much it matters relative to other things.

But when I see things about mental health of systematic change or, in this case, election reform, I'm left wondering when this became an EA concern. In this case, I have no idea if approval voting is actually better in terms of outcomes; I just know it's something people like because they feel like it better reflects their preferences.

Including a link at least to why election reform might be an effective cause area would be helpful for things like this that are calls to action. I dare say it should even really be a norm on the forum: if you're making a call to action, you need to at least include links to where you're making the case that it's an effective cause area.

Again, this is not especially directed at the content of this post, but it did make me realize it would be nice if we could address this more broadly.

Thanks Gordon for this helpful criticism. I will try to include such links on future posts. (Please don't hesitate to call me out if I fail to do so.) Here is a link about Open Philanthropy's support of approval voting, and a talk on approval voting at EA Global London. Thanks again.

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