As many of you know, 80,000 hours has been trying to grow the 1-on-1 team to be able to talk to many more people and minimise the waiting time after submitting an application. We are excited to announce that we have made a successful new hire

From our user interviews and marketing research, we know that people can sometimes find applying for 80,000 hours or thinking about talking to our advisors intimidating. This advisor sets themselves apart by requiring no preparation whatsoever, and is deeply unintimidating.

They have no degree or experience in the EA community (their background is in software engineering) but the team was enchanted by their winning smile. If you think there’s a good match between their skills and your needs, you can request them as an advisor, and even ask them for help writing your application (we recommend recording your zoom call with them to capture the brilliant insights that come out of the conversation).

You can read more about them here.

I haven't worked out how to embed images in EA forum posts, but after talking to them for a while came up with the solution of just linking to a headshot instead.

Along with the rest of the team at 80,000 hours, I'm immensely grateful to Chana Messinger, who suggested Duck as a candidate.





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I highly recommend Duck as an advisor. Duck is very empathic, non-judgmental, and a good listener. On top of that, Duck is a master of the ancient art of wu wei.  Quite the impressive set of skills! 

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