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Please let me know whether you can claim a tax deduction (or some benefit) from a donation to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), or a similar nuclear security organisation.

I cannot find anything conclusive online regarding ICAN. I received an email reply from them. It lacked confidence, but in short the person who replied believed only people in Switzerland can.

I am mostly interested in:

1/ Anyone who thinks they can re ICAN, and their country of tax residency.

2/ People with a tax residency of USA, UK or Canada, who think they cannot re ICAN.

3/ Anyone who thinks they can re any other organisation working on nuclear abolishment*.

Thank you very much :). Feel free to reply with your belief even if it lacks confidence, just let me know where the belief comes from. If you can claim a benefit through an intermediary organisation (e.g RC Forward), that counts and please let me know of the organisation.

This is not for a donation swap. It's personal research, mostly regarding a possible policy reform in Australia.

*in the USA, I am aware of this: https://treatyawareness.us/donate/




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I've been informed that in UK, MEDACT is a registered charity doing this work. 

They are an affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), which is registered charity in the USA. 

And NTI is also a registered charity in the USA.

Thanks kind person.

Edit: now see via GWWC that for donations to:

  • NTI
  • Council on Strategic Risks — Nuclear weapons policy work
  • Federation of American Scientists — Nuclear Information Project

citizens of USA, UK and Netherlands can get tax benefits.

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