The OWASP Top 10 [1] is the probably the most well-known and recognised reference standard for the most critical web application security risks. This organisation has now started to working on creating a similar list for Large Language Models (LLM) Applications.

I'm posting about it here since I think it would be beneficial for safety alignment researchers to be involved for two reasons:

  1. To provide AI safety and alignment expertise to the security community and standardisation process.
  2. To learn from the cybersecurity community both about standardisation processes since they have a long experience in developing these kinds of standards and about security mindset and vulnerabilities.

I have no idea about how many people within the AI safety and alignment community actually know about this initiative, but I did not find any reference to it on the alignment forum or here on the EA forum, so I thought I might as well post about it.

More information available here:




  1. ^

    More info about The Open Web Application Security Project here




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