Many EAs are interested in helping to grow the EA movement but aren’t sure how to do it. Talking to friends about EA can sometimes work, but it can also feel sales-y and awkward. To help solve this problem and to help grow the movement, CEA is running a month-long experimental project that we’re calling Effective Altruism: Grow.

Here’s how it works: from now until the end of July, if you nominate someone to attend EA Global and they complete their application, we’ll send them a free copy of Will MacAskill’s book Doing Good Better in the format of their choice. If their application is successful, they’ll be eligible for extensive scholarships to help ensure that they are able to attend. Importantly, you can nominate people even if you’re not able to attend EA Global.

Effective Altruism: Grow takes advantage of three very powerful techniques in growing the movement: personal referrals, spending time with EAs, and introductory books about EA. If this project is successful, we may use a similar techniques for growing EA in the future.

As thanks, if you nominate 5 or more people using the link below, we will send you a free EA T-shirt. If you’ve already used the nomination system to receive a discount on your EA Global ticket, you can still get the T-shirt by nominating 5 new people.


Nominate here


Nomination leaderboard here




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I like the idea of incentivizing people to talk to their friends about EA, and trying to get Will's book into their hands. But to me, EA global seems like a really bad fit for this campaign given that a) most of the content isn't geared toward newcomers b) capacity is already constrained (I believe), and c) if this campaign works and tons of people apply to EAG, many of those people will presumably have a rejection as one of their first interactions with the EA community.

It seems kind of obnoxious that this message was sent to people who were already explicitly rejected.

Hey NAME, quick update for folks that aren't going to be able to attend EA Global this year.

For the next few days, if you nominate five people who you think might want to go to EA Global we'll send each of them a free copy of Doing Good Better for applying and we'll give you a free EA t-shirt. We'll stop giving away tickets when we run out. Sound fair?

Did some mailing lists get mixed up?

Did it go to the same email address as the one that was rejected? We scrub these lists of everyone that has applied for EA Global, so you shouldn't get an email if you already applied.

Please accept my apologies!

I learned the application was made using a different email address than I sent the invite to. Not the best customer experience but it makes sense why it happened.

If I click on Nomination leaderboard here I get a page trying to get me to sign up for; is that intentional?

I noticed there doesn't seem to be an option to nominate less than 5 people. Not sure if this is a feature but I wanted to just nominate a few people and was unable to.

The link to EA Global does not work (In: if you nominate someone to attend EA Global and they complete their application)

Yup! It points to "/", which is a relative link. It should instead point to "".

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