Hi! My name is Yanni Kyriacos. I am the Head of Marketing at Spark Wave. In particular I look after Positly and GuidedTrack. 

I didn't have the time to write a proper post about what I do, so I decided to just post my current to-do list in the hope it inspires a young whippersnapper to get into marketing.

I've made some confidential info anonymous but you should get the gist.

Happy to answer any questions in the comments below or be emailed at yannikyriacos@gmail.com

Anyway, here is my to-do list:

Complete Customer Interviews + create marketing strategy document
Research and launch ads in new ad channels (adwords, reddit, facebook)
Build Channel Plans for new target segment 
Create a guide for building an MVP (maybe in partnership with X) and advertise it X, then pitch X in the content (i.e. content marketing)
Build out a program to surface and market extreme users for product X. Identify cool use cases for case studies
Assist in XYZ's "Getting Started with X" video program. Use it to impove Onboarding, Discoverability and Aesthetics for the product
Conduct more customer interviews in  segment X (see if worth investing advertising in)
Debug issue with Google Analytics
Continue to optimise ads daily - spend 60 mins on this
Examine pricing strategy for brand X - are the tiers adequate or will it suffer customer leakage? 
Go back into Competitor A, B and C and do a review of their platform. Come up with recommendations
Review competitor ads. Create new ads off the back of them
Approach decision-makers of X and pitch Brand Y as a tool to help them accomplish ABC
Approach ABC type events (sometimes happen at co-working spaces) and suggest using A as a tool.
Write ads for X Channel
Research Newsletters for advertising X in
Work with engineering to set up automated interview processes for new customers
Review landing pages + user journeys and competitor landing pages and make recommendations
Brainstorm / research: how else could X video asset be used? find more advertising channels that use video
Run XYZ Ads to reach decision-makers within organizations that might benefit from X product
Check out LinkedIn groups where they discuss LinkedIn ad results (i.e. gather intel on how to boost performance)
Develop ideas to Productise + Showcase Quality Assurances processes on brand X
Give X feedback on their videos. Get feedback from Y on X's videos






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