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UPDATE: We are now offering 1000 USD referral bonus if we end up hiring a candidate you referred. To refer someone, you can either 1) send the contact details and name of the given person to david.janku@effectivethesis.org and we will then invite them to apply, or, 2) have them mention you in the application form as an answer to the question “Where did you learn about this job ad?”. Only one person will be credited with a referral which will be the first person who refers a candidate (counted from the time of receipt of an email/application). Referrals beyond the first 25 won’t be counted (we may make exceptions depending on the quality of referrals, at our discretion). Candidates we’ve already been in touch with, or who have already applied, are not eligible. This offer is effective February 28, 2022 and will remain open until the application deadline March 15, 2022 (i.e. the candidate referred by you needs to apply before the deadline).

If you refer the candidate that we end up hiring, we will contact you within 30 days of their starting date to pay out the referral reward.

We retain the right to change the conditions of, or cancel the scheme without written notice. Final determination of referral fee payment and eligibility will be made at the sole discretion of the Effective Thesis team.


  • Application deadline is on the 15th of March at 23:59 PT but applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, so the role may be filled quicker if we find a suitable candidate before the deadline. We will update this post and close the applications if that happens.
  • We will aim to get back to you one week after you submit your application (21st of March latest), selected candidates will be sent a short work task (up to 1h) to complete in the week after (until 28th of Match latest) and will be invited for an interview in the following week (28th of March- 3rd of April latest). After the interview, we will try to get back to you within 1-2 weeks with a decision or request for references.

Short role description

The Communications Manager works alongside the founder and holds responsibility for our outreach and marketing activities, and evaluation and impact assessment of our services. Services that Effective Thesis provides are unique and could benefit a large pool of applicants - your role thus would be to make this connection between what we offer and the potential beneficiaries and make sure that as many relevant people as possible benefit from our services. As we are a small, online, fast-moving, and fully remote nonprofit organisation, quality of communications and impact assessment work ties directly to the success of our whole enterprise, giving you chance to move our mission significantly forward. Together, we can make sure there are many more highly capable and motivated researchers focusing on the most important global problems in the future, ultimately helping to solve them faster.

This is a 30 hours/week position with a rate of 2800-3600 USD/month (which comes to 44800-57600 USD/full-time/year), depending on experience. Anyway, the hours per week and thus salary can be scaled up or down within the range of 20-40 hours a week, depending on the right candidate’s availability and preferences. We’re happy to negotiate on the salary in case of candidates with an exceptionally good fit. The role is fully remote and open to candidates from all countries.

Apply here; the first stage should take up to 30 minutes, possibly much less.


What is Effective Thesis

Effective Thesis (ET) is a nonprofit organisation that supports students to begin research careers that significantly improve the world. We do this primarily by helping students identify important problems where further research could have a big impact. Our main service is individual coaching aiming to help students with their final thesis topic choices (see more details in our 2020 post on updates from 2019) and recently, we have launched a few more services with the same goal.

We are a fully remote, small organisation of 6 people working part-time and 4 long-term volunteers. We operate mostly in UTC+1 (Central European) timezone, but can potentially accommodate other timezones if the candidate is able to spend some part of their working hours in UTC+1. Our culture is start-up-like, friendly and collaborative. You can expect to have lots of opportunities to grow, learn and try new things, lots of personal agency, and flexibility in how you get things done. We also have regular online socials and optional coworking, to support making connections with other team members.

About the role and the candidate

The following section aims to give applicants a more detailed picture of the responsibilities and prioritisation this role will encompass. However, we are a small organisation, so the responsibilities might change over time, based on organisational needs and personal fit of the candidate. _________________________________________________________________________

(1) Outreach and Marketing (80 %)

Meta: Figure out how to increase relevant and high-quality applications for our services

  • Identify and test methods of outreach: this involves some creative thinking about how best to reach and communicate with our target audience
  • Communicate and execute outreach with existing outreach partners e.g. EA Student Group leaders, influencers, teachers of specific courses, etc
  • Build/maintain a social media presence on the relevant platforms (e.g. Twitter)
  • Monitor website traffic with Google Analytics and tweak Google Ads
  • Update and create promotional materials (flyers, presentations, etc)
  • Run introductory presentations/workshops on what Effective Thesis can offer students as necessary

(2) Evaluation of Effective Thesis’ Impact (20 %)

Meta: Carry out an annual review of Effective Thesis’ impact and other evaluation analyses

  • Analyze data from our feedback forms to estimate the counterfactual impact of Effective Thesis services
  • Think of new/better ways to measure our impact, e.g. long-term tracking of students careers
  • Whilst the actual impact evaluation takes place annually, this is an ongoing process to try and identify areas for improvement and unmet student needs that Effective Thesis could fill.
  • Perform ad hoc analytical tasks to support and test the vision of the project


The ideal candidate brings some of the following characteristics/experiences

  • Knowledge of our target group (undergraduate, masters and pre-PhD students interested in research careers)
  • Outreach/marketing experience (especially online)
  • Being comfortable working autonomously, figuring out your own tasks and priorities without much oversight
  • Motivation and ownership mentality: Taking responsibility and driving the project forward (including e.g. decisions to outsource some part of the work and following through with it)
  • Flexibility/ability to handle several tasks (or outreach strategies) at each given time
  • Analytical skills: being able to do basic data analysis quickly, draw correct conclusions, being creative about digging information out of the data we have, improving our future data collection

We encourage you to also apply if you feel like you do not fulfil all of these characteristics.

This is a 30 hours/week position with a rate of 2800-3600 USD/month (which comes to 44800-57600 USD/full-time/year), depending on experience. Anyway, the hours per week and thus salary can be scaled up or down within the range of 20-40 hours a week, depending on the right candidate’s availability. We’re happy to negotiate on the salary in case of candidates with an exceptionally good fit. The role is fully remote and open to candidates from all countries. The best candidate will become a contractor for Effective Thesis, and we offer a budget for remote work equipment and paid holiday leave (25 days/FTE) as benefits. 

We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. We especially encourage applications from self-identified women and people of colour who are excited about contributing to our mission. 
If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, or have any other questions about applying, please contact david.janku@effectivethesis.org

What the hiring process will look like

First, we ask you to fill out our application survey, which has two parts. The answers to the first part will be evaluated anonymously to ensure fairness and avoid biases. The second part asks for personalized answers (CV, email, name) and will be matched with the first part only after evaluating them separately. 

Selected candidates will be sent a short work task (up to 1h), containing the outreach part and part with a small evaluation/data analysis task and will be invited for an interview to discuss remaining questions from both sides and details of the role.

After the interviews, we might request references from the top candidates.

Feel free to reach out to david.janku@effectivethesis.org in case of any questions.

Apply here: Application Form





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