Matching talented people in the EA community with high-impact jobs is important.

But at the moment there is inefficiency and friction in the process. 

Would it be possible to use AI to help?

Maybe we could create a system which can:

  • 'read' all the jobs on the 80,000 Hours Jobs Board - plus info on the web about the hiring orgs, for context 
  • 'read' information from people who are looking for jobs - e.g. they might fill in a questionnaire, with questions like "what sort of job are you looking for?", "what skills do you have?", etc
  • match people to jobs which could be a good fit - e.g., suggest 5 top jobs that job-seekers might want to consider. 

What do you think? Could a tailored version of an existing LLM do this? 

(I tried doing this using GPT 4 a few months ago, for non-EA jobs, and it was surprisingly rubbish. But, I am totally non-technical and am not an expert on prompt engineering.)

I'd be curious to hear if any technical people think this is doable, and would be interested in trying to create a Minimal Viable Product for this. Let me know if so - in the comments, or via DM! :) 




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