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Hey EA Forum!

The AI wave is coming. Are you ready to surf? Image generated by the Midjourney AI.


I’m excited to announce the release of Quizmanity's new Artificial Intelligence Quiz. This quick 15-minute journey will test your knowledge of AI safety with 12 multiple-choice questions, such as:

  • How much money are companies investing in AI yearly?
  • How do AI systems compare in complexity to animal brains?
  • Why does the Skynet AI in the movie Terminator attack humanity?

[Quizmanity.org is a website with quizzes to test your knowledge of pressing problems, including global health, animal welfare, existential risk, and the long-term future. In partnership with clearerthinking.org, you can also take the quiz on their website.]

Why take the quiz

At the end of the quiz, you'll receive a custom report that compares your score with others and with the ChatGPT AI. The report also offers practical steps that you can take to help ensure AI leads to a brighter future for humanity.

If you're new to AI alignment and lethal autonomous weapons, the quiz offers an engaging introduction that will boost your retention through testing. And for veterans, the quiz can serve as a tool to revise your knowledge and maybe learn some new facts.

The quiz was developed with the help of AI, from generating witty jokes to rephrasing every sentence and generating the images. And don't worry, ChatGPT promises not to take over the world... at least not for now!

Test your knowledge

So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz and see if you can beat ChatGPT.

Don't forget to share it with a friend and suggest improvements in the comments section below.


I would like to express my gratitude to the nearly 50 people who took the time to give their feedback. As a token of my appreciation, their names have been included in the list of credits at the end of the quiz, and they received a permanent seat in the Feedback Hall of Fame.

A special thank you goes to Spencer Greenberg and Fin Moorhouse, who have respectively created the infrastructure and the idea for Quizmanity. Without you, Quizmanity wouldn't exist. Travis Manuel, thank you for your kindness and persistence during the quiz drafting process. Lorenzo Buonanno, I know I can count on your helpful nature and keen eye for spotting bugs, as many Forum users can attest. Josh Castle, I'm starting to owe you too many pizzas. Lastly, Geoffrey Miller, thank you for promoting the quiz and encouraging me with kind words.




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What prompt did you use for that Midjourney image? It's sick.

"a white-collar worker alone in an office, 3 monitors full of text, a Great Wave Off Kanagawa crashes against the window, raining inside, extreme detail, bright and vibrant colours --v 4 --ar 3:2" 

This was one of my first images on Midjourney, now my prompts are much simpler :)

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